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I See With Your Eyes

Shahadat Hossain / Ridoyan Bhuiyan / Md Abdul Kader Zilani / Jahidul Islam Ratul

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Loneliness is hard, loneliness is the worst thing in your life, really a feeling that charges you with negativity. He is a lonely young man cut from a tree, he has no one, he had a twin brother, then he died not long ago and his mind stopped thinking about hope, love of life, and optimism, his name is Iyad and he is almost mad from losing his brother and his second-half called Jihad, while he is He drinks his black coffee and breathes his mistress, who is the cigarette that he loves, and she is the sociability that relieves him of those pressures, as he is convinced. He believes in a principle that says:(I die for her and she burns for me. Is there a more fulfilling love than this). This young man says, he lost his twin brother, one heart, one feeling, and one soul. It isn't an easy thing, so he thought of something crazy to do, and the reason was that he didn't want to be alone, so what he thinks about is that mind charged with only negatives. Iyad, who works as a professor, started searching in books for a way to bring his twin back to life. It is strange and true, and hard to believe, but in the end, he found that there are spells and talismans. You are working on this thing, it is terrifying that it is a world of magic and sorcery, gentlemen. Even the professor reached a point of madness and watched an Indian movie called black magic, which shows the ability of magicians to revive the dead. Of course, these are just superstitions and superstitions, but the man went crazy over the other and He is no longer a rational human being, but the situation he is in, the feeling of loneliness, despair, and the weakness of his fragile personality have imposed it on him. He searched well in books and visited a group of charlatans and magicians. The strange thing is that Professor Iyad found himself without feeling entering another world and also found that he is not the only one who thinks in this way and searches for this crazy idea, some want father, and some want his brother and there Who wants his wife, Indeed, minds have become ignorant and have become in the world of ignorance and backwardness, and the strangest thing is that it is found in books that there are people who have returned from death and there are those who have reached a stage close to death and have returned, meaning not a complete death as it is said in their language. The important thing is that he who wants to reach something even if that was By mistake, will surely reach, regardless of the outcome, whether he succeeds or not. The important thing is that he reaches what he aspires to. And since coincidences happen a lot, Iyad happened to meet someone who is one of those who call them spiritual healers or a spiritual healer and told him that he would help him and he was called Kamel and here begins an unknown journey whose teachings to Iyad.  

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