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Pokemon Catcher

Fedor Bykhanov

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The modern development of social networks allows, almost simultaneously with metropolitan residents, to keep abreast of newfangled trends and residents of the remote Russian hinterland. And just like in big cities, there are attackers here who are ready to use even various games distributed by means of mobile phones for their own profit. It was such a felon, under the guise of participation in an innocent lesson, committed a serious crime under cover of night, as described in the court essay, which became the title for the collection of documentary works "Pokemon Catcher". This book, which has absorbed more than seven dozen stories about the commission and disclosure of various scams, thefts, robberies, robberies and murders, continues the successful cycle of works by Fyodor Bykhanov under the general title "Criminal Province". It was started, already gained wide popularity among fans of modern detective literature, a collection of documentary works from the courtroom "Without a statute of limitations." Then similar e-books "Forwarder's Bag" and "Shot at the Bar" continued the topic. Taken together, the details of the commission and disclosure of serious and not quite ordinary crimes, based on real events, but in artistic form reproduce the picture of various illegal incidents against which the ordinary life of the Russian hinterland proceeds. After all, the basis of all, without exception, essays based on real events. For ethical reasons, only the names of the actors have been changed, many of whom have departed, a criminal punishment assigned to them and are trying to live honestly. The publication is intended for a wide range of readers and contributes to the prevention of offenses by displaying contemporary reality, in which, unfortunately, various criminal manifestations have not yet been eradicated.The very e-book of Fyodor Bykhanov "Pokemon Catcher" can be read and downloaded in the epub, fb2, pdf format, as well as many other works of this Siberian author.

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