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Miss You More - Royal Weddings, Book 4 (Unabridged)

Anne McAllister

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Rock star Jack Masterson is every woman's fantasy. His sex appeal, charm, and killer looks make women everywhere fall at his feet...except for Celina, who now knows better. After Jack shattered her dreams, it took Celina Harris two years to put her life back together, as well as her heart. Now the personal assistant to San Michele's Serene Dowager Margaret, Celine finally has things under control. She spends her days catering to royal egos and lives her nights like a nun. When they are thrown together in the picturesque village of Combe St. Philip in the Cotswolds, Celina is determined to resist Jack's charm; he's the last thing she needs. But gorgeous Jack hasn't been rejected since puberty, and every encounter with Celina is petrol on the sparks that were ignited by seeing her again. Can Celina resist the former love of her life, or will he break her heart all over again?

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