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How to sleep better with hypnosis

Dr. Nidal Moughrabi

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Do you have trouble sleeping or wake up regularly? Do you want to stop stressful thoughts and simply sleep well? This hypnosis can help you! Sleeping disorders are gaining ground. Our brains are permanently occupied and don't find rest anymore: working at the computer in the office, playing on the smartphone and watching TV during leisure time. Once the mind is pumped up, it becomes very difficult to calm it down without any support. The world as we perceive it is based on the power of inner images that we store in our subconscious mind. When in a state of trance, which is essentially nothing else than focusing one's attention, these images can easily be recognised and effectively being changed into something positive through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a scientific therapy method that is successfully being used in medicine, psychotherapy and also for coaching. The products sold here do not replace a medical or psychological therapy. Please take your time when listening to the audio downloads and stop doing anything else that might distract you, e.g., don't use them while working or driving a car. ENJOY! Yours Dr. Nidal Moughrabi Physician, Dehypnotherapist and Meditation Trainer

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