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Great French Kings: from Louis II to Louis XI

J.M. Gardner

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Victor Hugo is one of the best-known French writers, and is part of the greatest literary figures of all time. His poetry made him famous very early, cementing his reputation as one of the greatest lyric poets when he was only 20 years old. He was also a novelist and a dramatist, and furthered the cause of Romanticism, this exalted artistic movement which toyed with Sublime and soared on the winds of emotion. The high-achieving poet was also actively involved in politics, defending the poor until his last breath; he was even forced into exile, from which he kept on writing, beloved by the masses he stood up for. When he died, it was an intense day of mourning in France, and more than two million people joined his funeral procession to the Panthéon. Today, most large towns in France have at least a street named after him. His life was of the most colorful kind: full of romantic conquests, heartbreak, political turmoil, even a dabble in occultism: discover every aspect of this monumental character with this documented audiobook, narrated by Katie Haigh.

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