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Forget the Mistake, Remember the Lesson: How to Bounce Back from Your Mistakes

Tina Brown

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In Forget the Mistake, Remember the Lesson, learn how to bounce back from mistakes you make in your personal and financial life. Be prepared to accept your imperfections and grow as a person and leader as you enhance your listening skills and to learn from those around us. The author offers insightful how-to tips and advice on correcting those pesky mistakes and owning up to your faults. With detailed subheadings, readers can journey through the audiobook to learn how to: - Give yourself permission to make mistakes. - Help others bounce back from the same mistakes you have made. - Recover from financial mistakes. - Find knowledge reduces mistakes. - Accept the idea that misery loves company. - Learn how to grow and build from your mistakes. - Own up to our own mistakes. - Acknowledging the mistakes you make in your business. With this audiobook, you will gain an independence from the weight of the errors you have made and learn how to live a happier, lighter life with the tips and tricks presented in this book.

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