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The relaxed outlook on the essentials in life: Subliminal-program

Michael Bauer

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Do you, too, sometimes feel that life is just racing past you? The single moment is possibly not even felt as such? All that is important is reaching the next station, the next goal... Isn't there a proverb that says "The way is the goal"? What could this possibly mean? You have probably often noticed yourself that it was always the small hours that lingered in your inner self.Wouldn't it be wonderful to really enjoy life? To really train the conscious to respect the current moment in life and to honor it respectfully? This subliminal audio will help you respect the moment in time.Subliminals are messages which are not perceptible to the human hearing. Still they reach the subconscious and are applied within. In India, it is said that a Mantra, if repeated 1000 times, becomes reality. With this subliminal program you may not consciously hear the affirmations, but you still discern and absorb them in an unconscious manner. So, this way even very critical people have the opportunity to work consciously with their subconscious.You will hear a soft melody in which the respective suggestions are incorporated. The suggestions are anchored in your subconscious through repeated listening and will thus help you change your behavior. You needn't finish listening to the audio each single time, however, a regular use of about four weeks is recommendable. The following suggestions are used: "I love - I love the moment - I love the instant - I love my surroundings - I love myself - I enjoy the moment - I enjoy each instant - I see the positive aspect in each moment of my life - I feel the positive aspect in each moment of my life - I am aware of my positive feelings - I radiate positiveness - I respect each fellow human being - I respect myself - I radiate my very personal outlook on each moment - I know that I am able and willing to do and achieve a lot - I know that I am positively part of a superior overall structure - I feel good - I trust - I trust myself - I trust in

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