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Memory Hacks: How to Hack Your Memory and Remember Almost Anything

Tina Brown

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Have you always wanted to have perfect memory? Perfect or picture perfect memory as it's sometimes called is something that most people dream about. But, actually it's a skill that with practice any one can learn how to have perfect recall no matter the subject. Imagine studying and being able to recall every note? Or, going to work and being able to remember everything that happened in the last meeting without having to take any notes? How would having a memory like that change your life? Being able to recall information instantly generally makes you seem smarter and therefor more trustworthy in professional and academic settings. But, it's helpful in your personal life too. Especially, when talking about holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and every other important thing that happens during a persons life. Imagine how much better your life would be if you were able to recall the name of every person you'd ever met? If that sounds like something that you'd like to learn than this book is for you. In this book you learn how to memorize anything you want by a variety of methods. Using clear lessons with easy to learn activities you'll notice your memory strengthening in no time.

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