Dig. Wass.

At the other end

Brandon McYntire

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Paul found himself alone in his house after a serious car accident. Everything he was going through at the time was different. Gray and soulless. A dark forest with tall trees appeared around the house. Human cries and animal reverses were often heard from the forest. Paul couldn't find the courage to step into this forest. Despite worries about his family, he didn't have the strength to go look for her. He remained under house arrest for a long time. The December winter made the whole situation worse, because the heating didn't work in the house either. Heavy snow covered the trees, creating a kind of light effect, but at the same time the only brightness that could be used for orientation. Paul has long been in a strange isolation - like in a bad dream ... I dedicate this story to people who do not realize other, more important values ​​around them. Maybe truly repentance comes at the very end. Only then will we know the truth about the unnecessary preference of the material world. We find that all this is vanity. Only memories and feelings will remain, and even those will disappear in space and time over time. Paul recognized the space-time and didn't even realize his chance at a remedy. Maybe one day he will become a really good person. A person who distributes love in any form and not pain. Welcome to the Universe of Justice. Let's see what it might really look like.

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