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Freedom - Meditation for decision making - Guided relaxation and guided meditation

Seraphine Monien

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"Decision making and personal freedomWe all know many strategies for decision making. But most of them only create false compromises in our lives and hinder our personal freedom.A false compromise occurs when you are more captivated by the outer world than by the wisdom of your inner being. Because then you are deciding to ignore your heart in your deeds while saying "It is important" with your words. But if you don't follow the navigation of your heart, you lose your orientation for your decision making in your daily life.Freedom - your guided meditation for decision makingThis guided meditation for clarity and decision making from meditation teacher and life coach Seraphine Monien lovingly helps you to dissolve the false compromises in your day-to-day life and works like a real boost for your positive self-esteem.Instead of denying the integrity of your own self, this effective meditation enables you to be true to yourself and to follow the wisdom of your inner being.Enjoy deep relaxation through an extraordinary sound designLike all guided meditations and exercises from mindfulness expert and life coach Seraphine Monien, this guided meditation for decision making incorporates a unique sound design. It is accompanied by specially-arranged, continuous, gentle music that includes calming, three-dimensionally recorded nature sounds from North American places in nature (without loops). With varied, subtly-balanced volume levels, the words and music harmoniously lead your consciousness into a state of deep healing relaxation, and then back again to waking consciousness. A gentle balance between spoken guidance and pauses allows you, in a state of deep relaxation, to lovingly find your own individual answers and solutions for your decision making.Make a life-changing decision now and download your personal freedomStart making the right decisions for the joy of your powerful being and download "Freedom - Meditation for decision making" now quickly and securely. About the authorSeraphine Monien is an internationally trained teacher for meditation, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, relaxation, and stress relief. For over a decade, many people have experienced major improvements in their lives through her competent and professionally sound life coaching and spiritual counseling in Hamburg and throughout Europe. The guided meditations and relaxation exercises that she developed for Sera Benia Publishing are for beginners and the advanced. They have already reached a worldwide audience.Note: Do not listen to the meditations while engaging in activities that demand your attention (operating machinery, driving, etc.). The products and offerings from Sera Benia Publishing do not provide diagnoses or promises of healing, nor do they replace consultation with a doctor or health practitioner, or any other therapeutic treatments."

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