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Socio-Economic State, Quality of Life and Lifestyle Factors Among Patients of Stroke and Osteoarthritis in Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Joshua Vianney

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Master's Thesis from the year 2020 in the subject Health - Public Health, grade: 5.0, University of Port Harcourt (University), course: Master's Thesis, language: English, abstract: Socio-economic state (SES), Quality of life (QoL), as well as Lifestyle factors (LFs) are very important determining factors of wellness. They play significant role in human wellness and life successes of people. This assay has determined the SES, QoL and LFs among patients of stroke and osteoarthritis in Port Harcourt.It adopted a comparative cross-sectional assay design, drawing a sample of 264 (stroke=78, osteoarthritis=186) respondents from the chosen communities in Port Harcourt. It made used of a multistage sampling pattern for both stroke and osteoarthritis patients using a Semi-Structured Questionnaire (SSQ) containing Kuppuswamy’s and WHOQOL-BREF scales for SES and QoL determination as the assay instrument. Data were worked upon using the IBM SPSS version 25. Descriptive statistics was implored to express classified variables in dimensions and continuous in mean and standard deviation while Chi-Square test statistic was implored to compare the SES, QoL and LF of stroke patients with OA patients, and also establish association between LFs and QoL of stroke and OA patients at 95% confidence intervals, and p? 0.05 was considered statistically significant. The results thus made it known that most of the respondents were males 161(61.0%) aged 51-60 years. Also, most of both stroke and OA patients are of middle socio-economic level 39 (56.5%) and 93 (49.7%), and also have poor QoL 53 (67.9%) and 155 (82.9%) with average scores of 2.37 ± 0.81 and 2.86 ± 0.80 for both stroke and OA respectively. The results further have shown a strong association between LFs and QoL of stroke and OA patients. The assay concluded that SES, QoL and LF are indices of public wellness importance having great association with debilitating chronic states such as stroke and OA.

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